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Ask the Experts: Wikis

Page history last edited by Helen Walmsley 13 years, 5 months ago

Ask the Experts: Wikitivity



This wiki, when complete, will show a little about the people, places and ideas that make up the participants today! It will also give you the chance to try building your own wiki. To see the comparison of different wiki tools go  to Ask the Experts: Comparison of Wiki tools


The advantages and disadvantages of external over internal can be found at


Advantages and Disadvantages of using an external wiki



To create your own page:


(Tip: Click on 'sidebar' in the right-hand box to see the contents list on each page)


1. Click on your name in the box below. This will take you to your own new page. Add ONE of the following to your page


  • Put up a URL that reveals something about yourself - a hobby, personal web site, academic website, blog you write or like. Say why it is representative of you. Include an interesting, representative image if you can.
  • Tell us about your ideal holiday: place (beach, mountain, Greece, Sydney), activities, type of accommodation, possibly even the people you'd like to take with you. Include an interesting, representative image if you can.
  • What is your favourite technology tool or resource for supporting learning and/or teaching? (e.g., OHP, blog, Word, mobile phone, Jorum.ac.uk ...) Include an interesting, representative image if you can.


2. When you have finished, click on save


3. After this event, you might like to return and add some ideas for using wikis in your own teaching area.




Helen Walmsley


 Steve Wheeler


 Dave Foord


 Helen Whitehead


 Adele Atkinson
 Alan Carr

 Barry Taylor

 Batier Christophe  Chris Dawson  Chris Hesketh
 Colette Corr

 Diana Wyatt

 Elsa Olmedo

 Emma Hollands

 Gladys Ledwith
 Guy Durden

 Haydn Blackey

 Heather Lang

 Helen Hanson

 Irina Matthews
 Jean Dugo

John Erskine

 Keith Beechener  Lisa Valentine  Liz Epps
Maria C. Papaefthimiou Neli Maria Mengalli Nigel Bevan Phil Riding Richard Heald

Sandie Gay

Sarah Shaikh Sarah Treloar Tony Atkins Tony Bickley
Tony Kennedy  Sally Scattergood Jenny


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