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 Best Practice Model Wiki - Ecto-learning


This wiki is to record our trial of Ecto-learning and to share our experience with the Best Practice Models for E-learning Community.


How to use this wiki:


1. Email Helen Walmsley for the password if you don't have it

2. Join the Ecto-learning group http://www.ectolearning.com/ecto2/Group.aspx?g=fxapeujcjk

3. Explore, experiment, participate in the Ecto-learning group!

4. Add your comments and ideas in the appropriate section. Add additional sections as you need them.

5. Add your name as a contributor below - Thanks!





What is Ecto-learning?



What teaching tools/features does Ecto-learning have?



What learning tools/features does Ecto-learning have?



Suggestions for teaching/learning activities








Thanks to the contributors:



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