Online Conference

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Online Conference



  • a series of online workshops, webinars, and/or online courses organised around a central theme with associated resources.  The goal is to disseminate information, experience, and guidance to delegates about a chosen topic, and to provide a  networking opportunity with like minded practitioners.



  • Plenty of prior notice and time required to orientate before conference begins
  • A mixture of timetabled simple synchronous and asynchronous activities.
  • An opportunity to network both on and offline (delegate list, cafe area)
  • An opportunity to discuss issues privately (breakout rooms)
  • Lots of visible support (phone, email, chat, IM/skype, support documents)
  • Follow similar rules to online support as Gilly Salmons 5 stage model.



  • synchronous ; chat,  editing a wiki , presentations / whiteboards, webcasts - for keynote or plenary.
  • Asynchronous; threaded fora - to keep a record of disucssions, , web quest,- treasure hunt, plenary as a reflective appraisal of the event


  •  A VLE/ any learning platform
  • A suite of linked web 2.0 tools eg. A discussion forum , wiki, surveymonkey, youtube, googlescholar, ning, twitter, MSN, Ecto - for example.


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