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Using Second Life in Teaching and Learning 2007

Page history last edited by christa appleton 14 years, 5 months ago

June 2007


As part of the Best Practice Models in e-learning project Helen Walmsley led an event in Second Life, the content of this event is outlined below.


The Second Life Forum met in the virtual Staffordshire University building to discuss how Second Life could be used in teaching and learning.


Discussion topic 1: Review Salmon's Best Practice Model for online discussion and consider to what extent Second Life can facilitate effective online discussions:


The group felt that SL could be very useful in supporting online socialisation.


Discussion topic 2: Review the Best Practice Model for online collaboration and consider to what extent Second Life can facilitate effective group collaborative activities. Do you have any ideas about projects/group activities that could be run in Second Life?


A number of ideas were proposed - group role play, interviews, group task to stage and 'event', group engagement in commerce.


Discussion topic 3: What issues might arise when using Second Life?


Access to technical equipment suitable to run Second Life, user skills, need to be sure all students have equal access to run a group project.



The Best Practice Models for E-learning community forum for Second Life is here http://crusldi1.staffs.ac.uk/moodle/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=239


Evaluating the Educational Value of Second Life 2009-10

Second Life Discussion Event Dec 2009




Comments (1)

christa appleton said

at 11:22 am on Dec 22, 2009

Helen and I discussed this event and its success. Althought the topic related to pedagogy and best practice models much of the discussion inevitably revolved around Second Life as a teaching tool. I gather that the session worked well and participants generally enjoyed the experience, its outstanding quality was the fact that most felt as though they were actually together in a room. It is this immersive ability that I feel makes educational possibilites in Second Life worthy of further exploration and partly why Staffordshire University LDI are reviewing it again now in 2009.

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